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Diploma in Business Management and Administration


Single Subject Diploma in Business Management and Administration

Teaching hour 2.5 hrs. per session x 2 sessions per week
Duration 3 months teaching
Program fee 450,000 mmk per program


Dr.Zar Ni Maw Win

  • Ph.D (SWSU,Russia),B.C.Sc (DSA)
  • M.E (Tech), M.PA (YUEco)
  • English (SEAMEO CHAT),
  • Dip.Med.Edu

Learning Objectives

  • To be able to understand nature of business, structure and characteristic of organizations.
  • To under the management framework to business administration.

Module Outline

  • The Management Framework to business administration
  • Characteristic features of organizations
  • The Structure of business enterprises
  • The production Function
  • The Purchasing Function
  • The research and development function
  • The Marketing Function
  • The information technology (IT) function
  • The personal Function
  • The accounting Function
  • Office administration
  • Other responsibilities of the administrative officer


  1. 100% paper based exam
  2. Total result 100%
  3. 75% to 100% - Distinction
  4. 50% and above - Passed
  5. 49% and below - Failed

Learning Outcomes

  • Improving the quality of your work.
  • The earlier in the course you bring your work to a satisfactory standard the more likely you are to exhibit a good standard of work in final examinations.
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