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Welcome Message

Myanmar's economy is growing rapidly by regional and global standard. To sustain and to further boost this growth, skilled human capital development is a priority for the nation and education plays a significant role in providing the current and next generation of workforce with tools and trainings necessary to meet the challenges of the future. On the job training are a few and limited and many working professionals resort to learning institutions like MIB to further their knowledge and career. MIB takes pride in providing the highest quality education and unparalleled learning experience by employing the teachers who have industry experience and can impart practical and hands-on knowledge to students so that they can put to use in their work immediately.

MIB was founded in 2015 with the aim of providing curriculum based on both academic and work experience. It aims to enable students with knowledge and skills to work effectively and successfully in the global business environment. We believe that students need to learn not only the cutting edge business ideas, theories and strategies but also softer skills such as effective communication, critical thinking, prioritizing, collaboration, delegation, negotiation, managerial and influencing skills in order to succeed in this competitive workplace.

We welcome everyone who aspires to learn and better oneself, one who wants to possess knowledge and traits and contribute to the betterment of society and mankind. Let MIB the instrument of success in your personal and professional career.

Looking forward to meeting you and becoming a cornerstone of your future success.

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