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Postgraduate Programme

Want to be a Master in Finance?

Master in Finance + CFA (Dual Program)

This is the first chance in Myanmar to attend both of these Master in Finance and CFA Program Together.

Batch 4 just opens now Registration deadline-30th September 2019
Let me introduce you with the chance to get the Master in finance + CFA Level-1 preparation which is delivered by University of Alcala, one of the best universities in Spain. This university has the very first 5 stars rank and which is also highly prestigious. Spain is also one of the European countries which has the high standard of education.

What is University of Alcala?

University of Alcala (UAH) is a public university located in Henares, a city 35km northeast of Madrid in Spain and was founded in 1293 as a Studium Generale (i.e. a place where students from all over the world come to study). UAH is the one of the best universities in Spain and it has 5 stars ranking from the Qs organization which has very high power in education. Besides, Qs organization positioned UAH between 100 and 150 ranking in the world subject ranking and also ranked between 400 and 500 in the world university ranking.

Myanmar Institute of Business (MIB) became partner school with UAH in 2016 and since then MIB is an official partner for providing the learning. UAH has been delivering Master in finance program + CFA Lvl-1 preparation (Dual Program) to MIB, which provides opportunities which brilliant students and mature students can study.

Who should attend Master in Finance?

Everyone who is passionate to improve his/her work in business, financial and investment sectors, who is willing to drive the future financial and investment sectors, who is eager to build or start-up his/her own business stronger and bigger should join Master in Finance Program+ CFA Lvl-1 Preparation (Dual Program). The program will be delivered by foreign professional faculties at University of Alcala, Spain.

Continuous learning system at Master in finance + CFA Program can foster your professional development to the highest ends.

Master in finance teaching style.

Every subject or module included in Master in finance (MIF) program will be delivered by foreign professional lecturers. There are also exams or tests in every subject and every student has to do thesis to get the master degree.

Students can get ideas and mentorship from the professors and the whole process of thesis will be evaluated and analyzed by foreign professors.

Students will get the same quality education as the international standard at MIB because all the courses and lecturer are all from University of Alcala.

MIF has 10 main modules which were taught by 100% foreign faculties and the whole MIF program takes around 15 months. You can learn the subjects as below.

List of (10) subjects

  1. Computational Methods /li>
  2. Business Valuation
  3. Investment Banking
  4. Wealth Management
  5. Financial Innovation
  6. Econometrics
  7. Risk Management
  8. Economics
  9. Corporate Finance
  10. Portfolio Management

(You can also check the details structure for Master + CFA in photos attached below.)

What is CFA?

CFA institute is USA based organization and CFA (Chartered Financial Analysts) certificate is directly awarded by CFA institute. It is globally recognized and it’s also a Gate to the door of the world. To open that gate, you have to unlock 3 levels of keys.

You will get very distinct changes in your life and in the way of thinking after unlocking each level. CFA is globally rewarded as the highest distinction in the financial & investment field.

Now, CFA exam can be taken in Myanmar. So, Master in Finance, awarded by University of Alcala, Spain and CFA can be studied in local.

Six subjects of Master in Finance are the same with that of CFA. So, students will get advantages for their preparation of CFA after completion of MIF.

There is another great opportunity for our students.

By attending Dual Program, students will get an official E-learning platform and onsite lecturer classes by University of Alcala for CFA.

As for CFA Level-1, there are 10 subjects to learn.

CFA Level-1 subject list-

  1. Ethical & Professional Standards
  2. Economics
  3. Quantitative Methods
  4. Financial Reporting and Analysis
  5. Corporate Finance
  6. Equity
  7. Fixed Income Investment
  8. Derivatives
  9. Alternative Investments
  10. Portfolio Management

For Master in finance, it could take around 12 months for lectures and 3 months for thesis.

All the classes will be on the weekends.

Students don’t have to worry about taking a day off from their office since all the classes are on the weekends.

SAT: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (6 hrs class+2 hrs break sessions)
SUN: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (6 hrs class+2 hrs break sessions)

The whole program will be delivered by professional lecturers at University of Alcala (UAH) who have international teaching experiences and many industrial practical experiences.

Here is the list of professors with each related subject.


1. Economic

  • Prof. Ignacio Olemda
  • Director of CFA and FRM program
  • Program coordinator of Msc (finance)

2. Computational Methods, Econometrics

  • Enrique Ascordebeitia
  • Master's degree in Quantitative Finance
  • Senior.Advisor at ING Group
  • Instructor & Lecturer at Msc (finance)

3. Financial Reporting

  • Professor Jose Ceron
  • Portfolio manager at Fonditel
  • CFA Charterholder and Master in Economics and Finance

4. Financial Products and Markets

  • Prof. Miguel Angel Garcia‐Ramos
  • Chief Investment Officer at
  • Lignum Capital
  • CFA Charter holder

5. Financial Products and Markets

  • Prof. Jason Loughnane
  • Head of Digital Credit at Yoma Bank
  • CFA Charterholder

6. Financial Innovation

  • Professor Ben Koo
  • Non-executive director and advisor to CEO, Yoma

7. Risk Management

  • Professor Roberto Savina
  • Head of Risk at AmTrust Mortgage and Credit

8. Risk Management, Portfolio Management

  • Professor Nikil Khajuria
  • Investment Consultant at GedditAS
  • CFA Charter holder and Certified FRM

9. Econometrics

  • Professor Prof. Juan Palomar,
  • Risk Analytics at BBVA

10. Corporate Finance

  • Prof. Javier Vaca
  • Risk Analytics at BBVA
  • MBA (IMD)

11. Seminar on: Wealth Management

  • Professor Kim Chaw Su
  • Former Group CFO at KBZ
  • Approved local lecturer by UAH

12. Seminar on Valuation, Portfolio Management

  • Professor Michael Phin
  • Founder and Director of Valentis Group
  • CFA charter holder

13. Seminar on: Corporate Finance

  • Professor Iñigo Merladet
  • Held different positions
  • within Santander Global
  • (MBA)by INSEAD

What will you need for Dual Program admission?

There are just 2 steps in applying the program.

Step (1)

As per requirements of the University of Alcala(Spain), students only need to provide 3 personal documents to MIB as follow.

(1) Color scanned of Bachelor Degree

(If the bachelor degree is officially awarded by universities which are under Myanmar Ministry of Education, university transcripts are not essential. If the bachelor degree is not under Myanmar Ministry of Education, transcripts of all academic years or all academic subjects are vital.)

(2) Curriculum Vitae or Resume

(3) A short motivational letter of why you want to apply the Dual program

Shortly after MIB has received all these 3 documents, MIB will sent to the UAH within a couple of days.

Note: Any interested candidate don’t need to make any payment in applying the Dual Program in the first step but they need to commit to attend the program.

Step (2)

When UAH informed us that you are qualified in the 1st step, you are pretty sure to have higher chance to attend the program. In step (2), You need to provide your

(1) Clear scanned of valid Passport

(2) English notarized bachelor degree

(3) Approval stamp of MOFA( Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Myanmar) on authenticity of the bachelor degree.

And together with the mentioned documents, you also need to make payment of Euro 1,380 as a upfront payment for the Program fees.

Please note: that UAH will not refund this payment when you have qualified the second step and you can’t join the program.

After the second step is passed , Students will have a chance to pay 10 months installment with no interest rate. Normal fee of Master in Finance at University of Alcala is 6,900 Euro. Students who registered before September will have 15 % grant (discount).University of Alcala’s CFA Level (1) preparation Fees is 990 Euro.Thus, students will only need to pay 6,855 Euro for MIF + CFA Level-1 preparation (Dual Program) in total.

10 months installment plan with 15% grant(discount).
Initial upfront payment 1,380 Euro
Monthly installment plan 547.5 per month Euro
UAH Administration fees for Master degree fees and book fees are between USD 450 and USD 550.
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