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Corporate Finance Technical Foundations


Corporate Finance Technical Foundations(CFTF)

Teaching hour
  1. 2 hrs per session x 2 session per week
  2. 2.5 months teachings


Daw Thiri Yadana Kyaw

  • MBA (Anglia Ruskin University, UK)
  • Graduate Diploma in Finance (University of London)
  • CISI Leader Trainer
  • Working at SMID Bank

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how to measure the risk and return of investments
  • Be able to calculate the covariance of investments
  • Understand the purpose of financial statements
  • Understand the meaning of the terms ‘listed’ and ‘quoted’ in relation to a company’s shares
  • Understand the use, advantages and disadvantages of enterprise value

Module Outline

  • Quantitative Methods for Corporate Finance
  • Financial Statements Analysis
  • Capital Structure
  • Introduction to Business Valuations
  • Corporate Transactions
  • Corporate Finance Documentation

Teaching Methodology

  1. (1) Conduct Lecture ,Engage students with in-class exercise, Q&A and
  2. (2) Employ ICT, visual and audio aids and tools, where applicable, to make teaching to be more efficient and learning to be more effective and interesting.


Multiple Choice Question
  1. 100% Computer based exam
  2. Total result 100%
  3. 95% to 100% : Distinction
  4. 70% and above : Passed
  5. 69% and below : Failed

Tuition fees

350,000 mmk per program

  1. Registration & examination fees
  2. 192 USD

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding the three main published financial statements and by whom are they used
  • Understanding the difference, in accounting terms, between a subsidiary and an associate company
  • Understanding the different enterprise and equity value of a business and the advantages of an asset basis of valuation.
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