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General English 4 skills


General English 4 Skills

Teaching hour 2 hrs. per session x 2 session per week
Duration 3 months teaching
Program fee 180,000 mmk per program

Learning Objectives

  • To be able to increase language skill useful listen and speak during normal business activities such as interview, meeting telephone conversations for negotiations, read business letter, emails, reports and other business correspondence.


Mr. Jerson Limasa Halis

  • Master of Arts in Education Major in Educational Administration
  • Bachelor of Art in English
  • License Teacher in Philippines, Singapore
  • More than 20 years’ experience in English Teaching

Module Outline

  • Listen and Speak fluently with international standard in various forms for communication.
  • Read and write academic and business passages and writing in realize situations.
  • Enrich vocabulary in specific language focus and applications.
  • Develop Self Confidence in both oral and written communication.

Teaching Methodology

  • Engage students with in-class exercise, Q&A, group discussion, group presentation and arrange practical performance, if applicable.
  • Employ ICT, visual and audio aids and tools, where applicable, to make teaching to be more efficient and learning to be more effective and interesting.

Learning Outcomes

  • Correct Grammatical Expression is becoming more and more important for successful communication in English.
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