Part 1 December Revision Course (Premium)

Ks 660,000

This package includes :

(1) HD Recorded Videos (Up to 18 hours)
The oretical concepts,detailed workings and past year exam questions by LSBF Star Tutors.

(2) Online Courses Materials

In-house materials based on syllabus guides written by LSBF Star Tutors and selected past year questions and answers.

(3) Online Annotated Notes

LSBF Star Tutors’ methodology and workings with regards to questions attempted.

(4) E-books-Study Manual / Revision Kit

Reference book to gain in depth knowledgeDatabase of questions to assess topic knowledge.

(5) Mock Exam

Simulation of examination style questions selected by LSBF Star Tutors.

(6) Mock Exam Review

Recorded video to highlight common mistakes made by students who attempted mock exam.

(7) Supplementary Recorded Videos

Strengthen foundational knowledge of topics through videos that can be watched repeatedly.

(8) Discussion Forum

Online forum to discuss relevant subjects with peers.

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