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ABE Diploma in Project Management


Diploma in Project Management

Teaching hour 2 hrs. per session x 2 sessions per week
Duration 3 months teaching
Program fee 450,000 MMK per program


Mr. Zin Bo Aung

  • Project Management Professional (PMP)
  • Bachelor of Engineering (BE.Civil)

Learning Objectives

  • To understand basic knowledge and terminology about project management through step to steps guidance.
  • This is to enable intended learners to develop the essential concepts and necessary skills to plan and manage a project in business context.
  • This module gives students the opportunity to integrate the common skills and knowledge from other disciplines.This will enhance learners to emphasize the importance of project “leadership” versus just project “management

Module Outline

  • Introduction to the project Management
  • Project life cycles
  • Project Organization Structures
  • Project Influences
  • Role and Competence of Project Management
  • Project Management and leadership
  • Project process Groups
  • Project Knowledge Areas
  • Net Present Value
  • Earn Value Management

Teaching Methodology

  • Engage students with in-class exercise, Q&A, group discussion and arrange practical performance, if applicable.
  • Employ ICT, visual and audio aids and tools, where applicable, to make teaching to be more efficient and learning to be more effective and interesting.
  • Incorporate learning-fun initiatives and activity-based element, such as role-play, debate, case study, field trip, etc., to enrich students’ learning experience, where necessary.


  • Attendance 15%, Extra Curriculum 15% (Teaching sessions)
  • Group assignment or Group Presentation 30% (Group of 3 to 5 Persons)
  • Due Date: 2 weeks before the last day of class
  • Closed booked quizzes 40%
    1. (1) 40 Multiple Choice of 3 Answers - 1 hours
    2. (2) Exam Date: 2 weeks after the end of class
    3. (3) Total result 100%
    4. (4) 75% to 100% - Distinction
    5. (5) 50% and above - Passed
    6. (6) 49% and below - Failed
    7. (7) Result will be out within 2 weeks after the quiz exam

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand what is project Management
  • Project management overview
  • Understand Project Challenging
  • Understand Organization Strategy & Project Selection
  • the management appreciates their efforts, and to keep them motivated for the next challenge
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