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ABE Diploma in Business English


Diploma in Business English

Teaching hour 2 hrs. per session x 2 sessions per week
Duration 3 months teaching
Program fee 450,000 MMK per program

Learning Objectives

  • To be able to increase language skill useful for business include listen and speak during normal business activities such as interview, meeting ,telephone conversations for negotiations ,read business letter, emails, reports and other business correspondence.


Ms.Zarni Htun

  • Master of Arts in English (Northeastern University)
  • Master of Science in Global Studies and International Affairs
  • Bachelor of Arts in English (Bard College) (USA)
  • TESOL/TESL/TEFL Certification (Oxford Seminars)
  • Financial Modeling Certificate (Matrix Institute of Professionals)

Module Outline

  • Write Business Messages and Reports
  • Read Articles from Business Publications and Journals
  • Listen to Understand and Give Your Opinions in Meeting
  • Write and Present Written and Oral Presentations in Business Related Situations
  • Improve Your Self-Confidence in Speaking, Reading, Writing and Listening Skills in Various Field of Academic and Business Language Areas.

Teaching Methodology

  • Engage students with in-class exercise, Q&A, group discussion, group presentation and arrange practical performance, if applicable.
  • Employ ICT, visual and audio aids and tools, where applicable, to make teaching to be more efficient and learning to be more effective and interesting.


  • Attendance 15%, Extra Curriculum 15% (Teaching sessions)
  • Group assignment or Group Presentation 30% (Group of 3 to 5 Persons)
  • Due Date: 2 weeks before the last day of class
  • Closed booked quizzes 40%
    1. (1) 40 Multiple Choice of 3 Answers - 1 hours
    2. (2) Exam Date: 2 weeks after the end of class
    3. (3) Total result 100%
    4. (4) 75% to 100% - Distinction
    5. (5) 50% and above - Passed
    6. (6) 49% and below - Failed
    7. (7) Result will be out within 2 weeks after the quiz exam
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