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ABE Diploma in Banking


Diploma in Banking Level 4

Teaching hour 2 hrs. per session x 2 sessions per week
Duration 3 months teaching
Program fee 450,000 MMK per program

Learning Objectives

  • To be able to understand in-depth knowledge of the diversity among banking and financial institutions their operations policies and to integrate this knowledge practically.
  • To understand the dynamic nature of economic and financial management, markets, treasury management and Myanmar Banking & Taxation’s Regulation.
  • To understand general banking skills, acquire the knowledge to analyze.


Mr.Freddy Nyi No Win

  • Bachelor of Business Management (Finance major),
  • Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia
  • Diploma in Business (Banking & Finance major),Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore

Module 1

Financial Management

Module Outline

  • Understand and identify various financial market and institutions
  • Understand and translate financial statements for decision making.
  • Construct financial statements.
  • Analyze financial statements with key ratios.
  • Time value of money, NPV and IRR
  • Understand and analyze Interest rates, bonds, securities and their valuations
  • Understand the fundamental of risk and rate of return.

Module 2

Banking Operation


Ms. Su Thandar Swe

  • Bachelor of Science in Banking and Finance, University of London
  • Diploma in Management Studies by Singapore Institute of Management

Module Outline

  • Understand types of banking and customers.
  • Understand the relationship between bankers and customers.
  • Understand banking services.
  • Understand current account, saving account and types of deposits.
  • Understand lending facilities and payment services.
  • Understand fundamental of insurance services.
  • Understand various type of customers and their needs.
  • Able to perform customer account opening, operation, controlling, collections and closing.
  • Understand various types of cheques and clearing systems.
  • Able to operate plastic banking such as issuing credit cards & debit cards, collections and dealing with defaults and overdue payments.
  • Understanding electronic banking such as mobile banking, online banking and digital wallet.
  • Understand and operate the various types of lending, credit scoring and specialize lending in Myanmar such as SME lending, agricultural lending, warehouse lending.


  • Attendance 15%, Extra Curriculum 15% (Teaching sessions)
  • Group assignment or Group Presentation 30% (Group of 3 to 5 Persons)
  • Due Date: 2 weeks before the last day of class
  • Closed booked quizzes 40%
    1. (1) 40 Multiple Choice of 3 Answers - 1 hours
    2. (2) Exam Date: 2 weeks after the end of class
    3. (3) Total result 100%
    4. (4) 75% to 100% - Distinction
    5. (5) 50% and above - Passed
    6. (6) 49% and below - Failed
    7. (7) Result will be out within 2 weeks after the quiz exam

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand Myanmar Banking Law and Regulations.
  • Understand Myanmar Foreign Exchange law and Regulations.
  • Understand Myanmar Taxation Law and Regulations.
  • Understand and practice banking ethic and codes of conduct.
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